Beautiful Ugly and Other Weirdness

While everyone is getting drunk on turkey today, I thought I’d bring to the table an announcement of which I am very very very excited to make. My latest collection of short stories titled Beautiful Ugly and Other Weirdness is now available for pre-order on Amazon!!!

Some of the stories within this new collection include:



The Abigail


The Witch of Staunton County


The Ascension of Henry Porter

Apocalypse Meow

The Foree Farm Massacre  

Beautiful Ugly

The Philosopher

This collection has hints of Cronenberg-ish body horror, mad science, and otherworldly terror. Some of these stories were originally published in various anthologies NOW brought together in one collection.  Beautiful Ugly is the title story and one of the more bizarre tales I’ve written to date.  Marrow is the original story that was later adapted for PLANET OF THE DEAD, but I thought it would be neat to show how it looked before. The Abigail is my most hardcore science fiction story with a few nods to some of my favorite sci-fi horror movies, including Aliens and Event Horizon.

And much more…

Book cover by the always impressive Michael Bray. Published through Shadow Work Publishing. Releasing on January 23rd, 2018. 

You can pre-order YOUR copy now for just $0.99!!!





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