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From the battlefields of Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front to the horrors of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot to even the absurd cult classics of J. Michael Muro movies, Street Trash, my love for gross and equally deeply emotionally things has no bar or limit. Such appetites saturate my own writings, from the paranormal happenings of my PSTD ridden thriller series Subdue, to my gory zombie infested PLANET OF THE DEAD series, to even my vampiric flirtation with THE LAST HELLFIGHTER. I hope that my love for this genre seeps into the minds of my readers. I hope you enjoy my books just as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Two crazy red neck families fighting over a Barbecue business leads to a bloody, backwoods Texas battle, resulting in carnage and mayhem. Gruesome, bloody, and sadistic, and written like something Herschel Gordon Lewis would release at the drive-in, this is a colorful, entertaining, and fun read. I loved it!

Randy Bates

This collection of short works is wonderfully peppered with psychological specters and classic monsters. The lingering horrors of war haunt the reader throughout the collection, like something unspeakable in your peripheral vision. The language is lush and visceral.The titular story of the collection, “The Hobbsburg Horror,” is an enjoyable small-town mystery of murder and mythology- a mythology that could use it’s own full-length work.

Lydian Faust